The Dead Sea

This was one of my coolest experiences so far! I've heard stories about how to float in the Dead Sea, but I had not imagined quite how it would feel. When the swell jumped in the water, you can not stop smiling because it's such a strange feeling. It flows so well that it's hard to take a normal stroke because the legs are in principle over the water. One must swim dog paddle instead. The water consists of almost 30% salt which makes you float like a cork. However, one should be careful not to get it in her mouth and especially in the eyes, it is not recommended. You will also quickly discover various abrasions, or other skin irritations as soon as you go into the water. However, the water is said to be very beneficial for the skin, you can also pick some mud from the bottom and re-application. This clay is sold worldwide for expensive money in various spa services. Here, however, it is free and it is only to draw! Unfortunately, the Dead Sea is disappearing. Climate change and the exploitation of the sea helps the water level has dropped by nearly 15% in recent years and the ocean's future is not guaranteed so if you want to see this place, it's time to get here now.

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