Dubai, a cool fucking shit town

I spent a week in Dubai and 3 days had been enough. It is a cool city to walk around in because everything is overly grandiose. But eventually you get tired of skyscrapers and fountains. I was still pretty fun in Dubai when I couch surfed and met fun people who I was out partying with. As a tourist, I can say that there is not much to do besides shopping, partying and even that is not so damn overly fun just because it is Dubai. It's like any major city. Dubai flooded with pretentious people who love to show wallet at the pub. Everything is about money and how you look, Dubai is one big Östermalm and it can not get enough of at home. With this cutting of Dubai, I can still say I had quite fun on the slopes, they are indoors in one of the major shopping centers. But do you really have to go halfway around the world for a little half shitty skiing when you live in Sweden, no I do not think so.

Was not so many fun photos, it is most buildings but still.

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