I see dead people!

Varanasi is a unique city in many ways. It is one of the most sacred in Hinduism. It is situated on the River Ganges is a holy river and extends about 2500 km. If you are bathing in the river washed away sins and other nasty, However, only nasty things in abstract form when the river is full of shit! Rubbish and dead bodies. Right! Varanassi is a plastic one wants to die, at least if one is Hindu. It is regarded as a liberation of the soul. Pilgrimage for Indians with their dead relatives, women and men to burn them at the stake. There is also the house where Hindus who are close to death sitting and waiting to get their liberation. When the river is known as a ghat where bodies burn around the clock 7 Cams. You build up a pile of wood then the body on a gurney carried by family. This is dipped first in the river and then put it on trähögen to take four of the sacred fire. However, if the body would be a woman who was also pregnant, so you burn it without putting it simply in the river and let it drift away. If you walk along the river, one can see why sometimes rotting corpse. Pretty powerful experience when most people from the Western world had never seen a dead person before, which is actually quite surprising since this is perhaps the most natural part of life you can imagine. This ceremony is very important for Indians and one must show respect when you wander around among their dead family members. Therefore, there are no photographs of this place but it is perhaps just as well. It will in any case forever be stored in my mental hard drive.

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