Where do you start when it comes to Jerusalem. It's an incredibly beautiful city with a fascinating history and entrusted that I am not particularly religious so I am drawn into it just by being there. If you come to Jerusalem, so make sure you take a good guided tour inside the old part (Old City) which is a small part of Jerusalem encircled with a great wall. The tour is 4 hours long but it still feels a bit short. This place was originally Jerusalem but then the city has grown outside the walls. Within the walls, the surface is divided into 4 parts belonging 4 different peoples, Christian, Muslims, Armenians and Jews. One can move freely between these four elements and there is lots to see. In here, there is also the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus is buried (the evidence Pekar IAF in this). It was a rather strange feeling to stand at the grave where and think, it is then that's all that bothered about. For me, it does not mean as much because I am not believers but as I stood there and thought it started flocking people around this alleged grave and there was so much emotion that poured out. People cried and screamed in some kind compassion for their master's son who lost their lives for the sins of mankind. For me it is strange how an old story can mean so much to people but I respect it fully. So whether you are a believer or not, I think you should see this site because it has meant so very much to our history and how we live today.

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