Kycklingsushi i Mumbai

My first two days in Mumbai went smoothly, India is a bit like getting a slap in the face. Man lands in complete chaos and annoyed at how people can live like this. You get used to pretty quickly anyway (besides all honking on the streets) and Mumbai to offer an experience you'll never forget. There is plenty to do in Mumbai, you can go out to Elephant Island or wander into town and look at the amazing architecture. After two days, I thought that now that's enough and were heading south, this came to me during the night and take the set when I woke up at midnight to the chicken dish I've eaten a few hours earlier wanted out. I spent 6 hours in the relay between bed and toilet. The next day I woke up and felt 50 years older. Without the energy or the ability to get into something to give me energy, I lay two days in quarantine and my distaste for Mumbai was slightly larger. But I will not judge this city by my dining experiences but please refrain from chicken sushi if you can. Driving vegetarian throughout your stay in India is probably a good idea.

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