One of Thailand's neighboring countries is Laos and this is an obvious destination if one is to get to Vietnam from Thailand. Laos is a relatively new destination for tourists, it has grown more popular among tourists in recent years, and rightly so. It is a very nice country with extremely friendly people. I did not spend much time in Laos because I will be doing a roadtrip through Vietnam and I will have to use a majority of my limited time on that. Though after a few days in Luang Prabang I realize I should have given Laos more time because there is plenty to discover here. The waterfalls just outside of Luang Prabang is probably among the most beautiful things I have ever seen.


One thought on “Laos

  1. Dipping

    There was no boring waterfall where it is not! In two days we go to Riga again, hope they are as nice waterfall where. Or anyway, I hope to get to see the dancing mistress again.
    Starting to get tagged! But we'll see how we can do without our skarvsladds- and gaffatejpsansvariga.

    Take care Vic!


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