Now is the time to come up with some updates on what has happened in the past month so it will be a long post to make up for the long silence.

The 12 February I arrived in Cape Town is South Africa's second largest city after Johannesburg. I have thence taken me up along the coast to Durban, which is my last stop in South Africa. With this whole journey already made have learned a lot about this country even if it is only scratching the surface.

Cape then. What happened there. Well it was of course a trip to robben island that served as prison, and is best known to many black and colored apartheid opponents, mix them Nelson Mandela, sat as political prisoners here. It was very educational and one is impressed by how to burn as much of anything. Liberty and Justice tex. For Mandela took the 27 years before justice prevailed.

If you come to cape town, you will not miss a trip up to Table Mountain. This was recently named one of the 7 new wonders of our planet.

The mountain's highest point is Maclear's Beacon 1086 meters above sea level. The top of the rock images a 3 km long plateau and the mountain's west side is a cable car up to the plateau. You can also hike up to approximately 2 hours.



There was also a trip to the Cape of Good Hope is a headland near the very tip, Kapudden, the Cape Peninsula south of Cape Town. Godhoppsudden often mistaken for being the southernmost point in South Africa, but it is not. It is Agulhas is 15 mil south-east of Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope which is the southernmost point where the oceans are said to meet.


Tempel Wines

North of Cape Town, Paarl is a town filled with winemaker. Lite Champagne in France. Here I checked in on the vineyard / B&B't Tempel Wines that turned out to be an extremely pleasant surprise. This small farm owned since 5 years of two wonderful swedes, Alf and Marie who truly passionate vinmakeriet. After spending a few nights here and read the Alfs burning enthusiasm, I helped with the pressing in one day. We got to about 3000 liter druvsaft that shell be “champagne”, wine and spirits. As a thank you, I got a bottle of vodka Primitive then consumed on various hostel along the coast. However, with the mix of soft drinks that would probably be seen as an insult by the manufacturer.

After visiting such a personal and intimate vineyard in a small way, it was to trap to examine the other side of the spectrum. I.e. KWV which is wine makers IKEA. It produces the amounts of wine. When Alf and Marie's small vineyard is booming to get out maybe 10 000 liters of wine in one season. On KWV they have kegs of 200 000 liters of wine in each barrel in a room with perhaps 5 identical barrels. It was really strong contrasts.



Some nights were spent in the town of Oudtshoorn which was a foretaste of the great steppe where one can see “The big 5″ In Oudtshoorn it became no big 5, it was later. However, it became struttsfarm and Caving. It was the first time I put my foot in a really big cave system and it was amazing. Strong recommendation for the adventurous.


Bungy time

On the way up the coast pass Bloukrans Bridge which has the world's highest commercial bungee jump and how often you pass on the opportunity? Maybe once in a lifetime and then it has to be done only. The feelings before and after the jump was probably just as contrasty as the vineyards of Paarl. During the walk out onto the bridge to do the actual jump was one somewhat hesitant but when swelling hoisted back from death hope you can suddenly imagine doing it again.

Here you can see my horror mixed delight!



When you go to South Africa is a trip to the steppe a must. Here you can see all the great 5 pluss more. After having spent 3 days at Kariega Game Reserve north of Port Elizabeth, we have seen all the 5 but the leopard, but it is apparently very difficult to get. Our guide who drove the car had been working there for 8 years but only seen leopard 2 times and then in the course of perhaps 1 seconds.


Coffee Bay

Finally, it was a trip to Coffee Bay which is a small cave between Port Elizabeth and Durban. The entire first section of coastline in South Africa called the Garden Route and this is very suitable for Western tourists but in Coffee Bay you can experience the real Africa. Where people live in huts and grow their own crops. If you come to Coffee Bay at some point you need to check in at the Coffee Shack is an extremely nice hostel. The atmosphere here is very nice. If you do not want to lie in the hammock, you can learn to surf or take a day hike to the “The hole in the wall” is, yes a hole in a wall. Latter may not be as exciting but it's a very beautiful hike at the rocky coast. Here are some picture from the walk.


It became a massive post but now I have anyway got into synch with my trip. As I leave Africa, I hope a little better speed so I can keep this page somewhat more updated.

Talk to you soon!

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