Something I really like about India is the cheap and fantastically good food, apart from those who do not stay in the stomach but it actually makes them most courses. Therefore I jumped with my English friend Mathew on a cooking course. This course is no officiel course one would find in a brochure, but an ordinary Indian family with a love of cooking that keeps this course as a little side project. This we thought was very nice when it gets much more personal, plus you get a glimpse of the Indian family life. We were taught to do Chpati which is an Indian bread, dry curry, vegetarian masala and dal which is a kind of lens movement. Very good dishes that are all vegetarian, This family rarely eats meat. Kansk on weekends if rind lyxas into small. The recipes we have with us, and they shall be immediately put to the test when I get back to Sweden. The only challenge will swell to find all the spices needed but it will probably be fine in them a little bit more well-stocked stores. Been thinking about buying me a small kryddförråd here since it is so cheap by then will swell the closet smelling curry. We'll see.

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