Finally some respite from the heat. Ooty is situated in the mountains and you get to sit and bubbly on a bus a good long time before arriving but worth it. The village is in the mountains about 2000 meters above sea level and here the temperature is much lower than the rest of India at this time of year. We lay empty and froze a bit during the night which I have not done since in Sweden. The best way to see Ooty is to rent a motorcycle and whiz around at the mountain passes. Here's the giant tea plantations and beautiful views. A pleasant experience is to go into the first top bar and socialize with the locals, we met a teacher who struggled to raise money for children's education. He earned about 350 000 rupees per year, equivalent to type 40 000 kr not much money but on the other hand, India is very cheap. A year in school for one of his children would cost him about 5000 kr so it does not get much more than if you're going to have food and shelter also. It provides a perspective on life when you have to take some of these people's lives. This teacher is probably very good compared to many other Indians. We exchanged information and I told him that his whole family to stay with me if they ever come to Sweden, but it will probably be difficult with such an expensive country like Sweden. Imagine only ticket would probably cost him half his salary. I feel truly fortunate to have the opportunity to travel around the world in this way.

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