Unexpected outing

Today I had one of those days you can only have when you are traveling unplanned. This is among the best I know, with travel, when you wake up without having anything planned, and so unfolds day to something amazing. It started like that I want of something to do wanted to get away from the scorching heat. A very nice option then is to explore the surrounding area with the wind in your hair on eg a motorcycle. I therefore rented a motorcycle in the city and drove out to the countryside. Without any planned route, I drove out of town and swung by in which I felt suited. I wanted to take me to the high mountain passes can be seen from Udaipur so I tried to run in that direction. After about an hour of cruising with all the beautiful surroundings of mountains and plains, I suddenly saw a billboard. Det stod animal rescue center, visitors welcome 5 km. Hm, I thought, it sounds interesting as destination. What admirable souls might open a rescue center for animals in India of all countries. This is given that there is a fairly large percentage scrubby animals strolling the streets of the dirty cities. I took off towards my goal and found after 5 mi what I was looking for. I was now out on the plain between two mountain passes and in the middle of nowhere was a small facility. My first encounter outside the gate is a dead dog on the ground, I've never seen a dead dog before, were it not for the flies had been possible to believe that the only slept. I trudged toward the entrance at a gravel path and was greeted by a sign that asked me to wait until an employee let me in, it does not want any animals smitandes when botched visitors come and open the gates. After a while, a gentleman and let me in and showed me to an impromptu reception. Here I meet Sara, a veterinarian from Tasmania who showed me around the facility. Small farms were separated by a common fence. They separate the animals because they do not always get along so well together and that all animals come here in varying conditions, some of which come with very contagious diseases such as. Sara told me that she was the only veterinarian at the facility and she worked entirely voluntary and unpaid. No educated Indians would like to take the job as a veterinarian at a shitty farm in rural. It is not considered sufficient status, most want to work with the state. Because they have lots of animals, it becomes much work Sara and also many challenges. She told me that she castrated such an ass for the first time the night before and it was just to make it attributed that she had never done it before or could receive instructions from any. We visited the patient in question and he seemed to feel good.

The animals consist largely of dogs but also, donkeys, age, bulls, monkeys, pigs, turtles etc. everything that they find on the streets or people who report the. Many injuries from vehicle, because in India run by idiots, many innocent animals that roam the. Therefore, it becomes many amputations then it is not worth trying to mend broken bones and breakages, there are simply too many injuries and animals survive quite well on three legs. I asked the question regarding the dead dog at the entrance and probably there is someone who has found this very sick dog and just dumped it in front of the entrance in the middle of the night without staff he discover it before it was too late. Sara went on to tell about how animals live here, Also the graphic looks very nasty like they have it a lot better here than on the street. It gets food 3 times a day, water and even massage by an old Indian lady who according to Sara “works wonders”

When the animals are strong enough to fend for themselves they go back out on the street where they were found, in those cases, someone called in a tip they always call up the person in question to see if this would take care of the animal. It happens, however, that the returned animals find their way back to the farm all by themselves, suggesting that they still thrive quite well in there. Some of the dogs in there was quite ok but still seems happiest on the farm because they put the return, so they can swell simply stay where.

This plant was started by an American family for many years and is only around for donations so I turned to me and put 1000 rupees in the donation box to return to the road with one of my strongest Indian experience so far in his luggage. A great day!

Here are some pictures from my stay, it is quite a strong image for the sensitive but I urge to watch as this belongs to reality.

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