Suit up!

I have previously been told that in India you can get a custom-made suit at a great price. This was not something I was planning to do then I thought about the price now is so good it must be something missing. I had no desire to buy anything that might fall apart in a few weeks and that is mediocre. With this attitude, it was only out of curiosity I looked into one of the many shops that do this in Udaipur. In here, worked a bunch of Indians and all are obviously really nice because I have a western wallet. However, they did not feel this gang as superficial as many other Indian sellers. For lack of other things to do, I sat around for a long time in the store and talked to those who worked there about everything from chai tea to Indian politics and its future. The guys obviously wanted me to take measurements on the same day for any costume but I insisted on sleeping on the matter. The next morning I returned and spent a few hours with these nice guys and drank safe 10 koppar chai-te. I said that if there is to be any costume and we'll take a hard line, or professional gloves if you like, I rather spend a little more than average and get me something really good. This was of course perfectly ok with them. You can get a suit for 3000 – 50 000 rupees which crowns (2013) equivalent to approximately 350 – 6000 kr. After the hours have been looking through every roll of their finest material, so I chose a plain black fabric without patterns in good quality that works in most situations. They took measure of my body and then made 4 different tests with various adjustments afterwards. This took 3 days and involved 5 tailors who all had wild discussions with each other about how the perfect costume would hang up on me every time I showed up for the testing of the prototype. I spent around 40 000 Rupee, Thus, just below 5000 kr which is pretty much in these parts but still a lot less than I had been paying in Sweden. For this I got a custom-made suit and shirt sent home to Sweden, just hope my fight weight does not change a lot during my trip there will probably be a while before I get home and can use it for the first time.

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