Tel Aviv

After spending almost a week in Tel Aviv, I can say that it is a city I would certainly go back to. Was very pleasantly surprised. Had swelling may no specific expectations and it was swelling because it was such a good experience. When I traveled around Australia 2006 I met a nice guy from Tel Aviv. Isaac is his name and he was kind enough to invite me to his apartment during those last few days which gave me a fairly detailed look at a Israelares living. We eat dinner with his family and went out to various restaurants and clubs. Incidentally, it is absolutely nothing strange to have a semi-stranger living in his apartment a few days in this country. This leads me in on one of the två matters sticker out most of Israel generally seen. It is the incredible friendliness and willingness to help, IAF mot turister. The second is that the food is fantastic good. I have not had a mediocre meal since I arrived here. Everything is good pig! My understanding is that it has not so much with the actual cooking to do, but more with ease and truly fine ingredients. Moreover, they obviously their specialty hummus, I can not remember if I've tried the hummus in Sweden at some point but right now I eat it almost every day. Gotta scrounge up some hummus at home in Sweden but I'm not sure it will be just as good, it's like anything else there are good and bad hummus and exported far away are usually not great according to local data.

Ok, if you're going to be a little tourist time! There are a lot of culture and history in Tel Aviv to experience. There is no vet…Jews! They've been through a lot. The more you read about Israel and its history, the more there is to dig in and you can hold on indefinitely. If you want a good intro so you can go to the small town of Jaffa in Tel Aviv. This neighborhood is one of the world's oldest. There are artifacts and other signs that hurls us back about 5000 year. And its history is to say the least violent but extremely interesting. This was then beginning a port where you could connect to make it to Jerusalem, and it's been a hell of a fuss about that city. We will return to it in later posts where I'm headed there now!




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