When it comes to Thailand I am probably way behind the rest of the swedish people but better late than never right? I like Thailand, a beautiful country and in relation to India, as I arrived from Thailand feels both ultramodern and clean. People's kindness and willingness to help also feels a littlebit more authentic. My liking of Thailand so far is not based on postcardbeaches or sex-tourism though. Because I went directly north from Bangkok and skipped all that most people would say is their favorite part of Thailand. I went to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in northern Thailand to devote myself to some outdoor activities. In Chiang Mai I spent my time both trekking and down-hill cycling I've realized that I probably think this is much more pleasurable than getting drunk at a bar in Phuket with a lot of other Swedes. Although this also can be fun sometimes. The Down-hill cycling was probably what I appreciated most, this was a new experience for me and it was very challenging. You take a car full of bikes and safety equipment, and then drive up a huge mountain for about 2 hours. Then you get on the bike and fly downhill through some pretty rough terrain. Even if you do not actually pedaling so much so I was exhausted when I came down for concentration and coordination are at max all the way.

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